Making*Lovers 2017/11/28 発売予定
Making*Lovers 2017/11/28発売予定

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What is Making*Lovers about?

A story about the way love can bloom after dating begins.

Each relationship is entered into rather suddenly.
Although the specific situations that lead to that differ from route to route, what each route has in common is the gradual growth of affection until, before you know it, you and the heroine are deeply in love with each other.
The focus in Making*Lovers is on the things that come after a relationship's beginning. With "start dating, then fall in love" as the concept, you will work towards the moment when love truly blooms.


小鳥遊 亜子

The protagonist's step-sister.

鳴瀬 咲 CV : 月野きいろ

A beautiful over-achiever born into a family where everyone boasts impressive academic achievements.

鹿目レイナ CV : 森谷実園

A student on the cusp of graduation who is working as a fashion model for women's magazines.

北大路 可憐 CV : 北見六花

A former clubmate from college, though she and the protagonist weren't very close.

月野 ましろ CV : 恋羽もこ

The protagonist's coworker. She is a strange girl with unique values.

Key Points



Your life will vary greatly depending on which girl you choose to date, starting with where you live, up to where you work. Each route provides a completely fresh experience.

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It is up to you to decide where to go on dates at. Your choices determine how each date plays out. Some of your choices may make your partner happy, but even if things don't go so well, she'll be there to support you and cheer you up. There are no wrong decisions, so you can enjoy the dates just the way you want them.

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  • TITLE:Making*Lovers
  • GENRE:Datingsim
  • MEDIA:Digital
  • ARTIST:Taniyama-san
  • SCENARIO:Hayase Yuu Kishida Sora
  • DIRECTOR:Hayase Yuu Yakamoto Uto
  • OS :Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU :Pentium4 1.7GHz or above
  • MEMORY :1GB or above
  • VRAM :128MB or above
  • RESOLUTION :1280×720
  • SIZE :4.3GB


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