Hooking up with someone is just the beginning.
In 『Making*Lovers』 you only get to know each girl well after you enter into a relationship with them.
You won't be smooching right from the onset. It may even take time until you start holding hands.
You'll experience the nervous awkwardness many first dates have.

It's up to you to overcome that awkwardness after you begin dating, and to form a lasting bond with your partner.

Key Points
Things to enjoy with your girlfriend

You'll start living together with the partner of your choice!

The heroines in this game are all of different ages with equally different life situations.
There's your little sister who is still living with your parents. The mature older girl who is living by herself.
The younger girl who lives in a dorm. One of your coworkers. And the former college schoolmate who is looking for a new place.
Your life will vary greatly depending on which girl you choose to date, starting with where you live, up to where you work.
Each route provides a completely fresh experience.

You get to decide what kind of date you want to have!

  • 1:一緒にどこ行こう
  • 2:場所を選ぶ
  • 3:イチャラブデート
  • 4:ふたりでつくりあげる

Custom Date Feature

The heroines do their part in making your dates as fun as possible. They will tell you where they would like to go and what their current mood is, as well as attentively listen when you have problems deciding where to go or what to do. Don't come up with the date plan alone. Together with your partner, create a wonderful experience neither of you will forget.

The Essence of this feature

This feature is all about strengthening the connection the player feels with the heroines. You can discover new things about them by taking them to places they normally wouldn't go. Even if a date ends in failure, you will feel your partner's love for you as they try to cheer you up.

チャットツール チャットツール


Each heroine has her own preferences when it comes to stamps and emoji, which gives you another way to enjoy their different personalities. When you're apart from each other, the heroines may even tell you something through texting they normally wouldn't say aloud, allowing you to learn more new things about them.

カスタマイズ機能 カスタマイズ機能


You can pick your own name, as well as a custom portrait for the protagonist.